Welcome to Shantel VanSanten Source! This site aims to become your ultimate online resource for all things featuring the talented Shantel VanSanten. Shantel is likely best known for her role as Quinn James on "One Tree Hill". She currently stars as Vera Buckley in the CW TV show, The Messengers. We hope that you'll enjoy your stay, bookmark the site and come back often for your Shantel needs! If you have any comments or questions please contact us.
Jul 11New Layouts!

I’ve finally finished working on the new layouts for the site, including the gallery, and I’m excited to finally apply it! I hope you all like it. Let me know if you spot any error.

Jul 11Changes in Affiliates

Probably due to being inactive for several months, there were over 8000+ spam applications in the previous affiliation database, and the only solution I found to get around it is to make another database. With that, I cleaned out the dead links and those who are not linking back. To those who applied during the site’s inactivity, you’re welcome to re-apply here. I know, I could’ve accepted those applications, but it’s been months now so I’m not sure if everybody’s still interested. And more importantly, I couldn’t see all the valid applications because of the thousands of spam ones.

Jun 28New Owner!

Hi guys, I’m Jasper and I’m the new owner of Shantel VanSanten Source. I’ve been a huge fan of Shantel since One Tree Hill, and I’m very excited to start working on things around here. Thanks to the admins at Fan Sites Network for letting me adopt this site!

The site hasn’t been active for 8 months now, so I’ll be working on getting it up to date again as soon as I can. I might put up a new layout soon, but I’ll prioritize adding stuff to the gallery and the latest news and updates on Shantel.

Thanks for visiting the site, and please check back soon. You can also follow our Twitter account for updates. :)

Aug 20New Layouts

Hello all! As you can see and probably have noticed these past couple of days while visiting Shantel Source is that there are new layouts up and aren’t they amazing?! I love them and I hope you do too. Thank you to Jess from Night Blooming Designs for designing both the main and gallery layouts. :)

The layouts aren’t the only new thing here, we also have a new domain name, http://shantel-vansanten.com (Thank you Stef!!!) which you’ll now be able to access to visit the site. So we now have http://shantelsource.net (the current main one) and http://shantel-vansanten.com.

Also stay tuned for LOTS of gallery updates coming very soon!

Jun 18New Old Owner

Hello Shantel fans! I’m Mette and you may or may not remember me, I used to run Shantel VanSanten Source…I’m excited to say that I’m back as the owner of this site and I can’t wait to start re-working on it. :D Thanks to the most awesome host in the world, Gertie at Fan-Sites.org for letting me re-adopt Shantel Source.

I’ll have some updates for y’all later this week, so be sure to check back.

Mar 23Shantel Source Has A New Owner

Hello Shantel fans,
My name is Tareva and I am the newest owner of Shantelsource.net! I am very happy to have been chosen to adopt this site and plan to always bring you the latest news, media, and other updates relating to Shantel and her current projects. A big thank you to the previous owners of the site for building a great foundation of news and images for me to build on! I only hope I can continue to make the site as great as it was.

The Site has not be active for about 4 months so over the next few days I will be working on getting it up to date! I will start by doing some maintenance behind the scenes such as updating scripts, etc. I then hope to update the gallery with the missing events! Eventually I also plan to update all the projects (especially OTH) with HQ stills and screencaps. I hope you all will enjoy the updates that are to come, and help get the word out that shantelsource.net is active once again!

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments on this post if you frequent here often. While you are at it, please follow the site on twitter as well so that you are always the first to know when new content is added!